Labo-cer has been supplying special pieces to the ceramic industry for more than 25 years, now also as a supplier for the production of small batches of tiles, step treads and L-shaped elements.
In fact, two lines have been installed in the new Castellarano plant: a traditional line with System digital printer. The second line is dedicated to step treads and L-elements with Projecta digital printer. So as to be able to replicate customers’ ceramic production.


Suitable for small batches and large solutions

Today, LABO-CER offers its customers the possibility of producing small batches, creating a tailor-made production solution.

Standard Sacmi presses and a complete feeding system and silos were installed here to ensure flawless production. With the addition of a modern dryer, a state-of-the-art System digital printer and a roller kiln, we can replicate precisely the desired ceramic production.


Dedicated to the production of step treads and L-shaped elements

The step tread is an essential element to complete a ceramic project. Starting with the porcelain stoneware base, we apply the primer and then use a special printer to imprint the texture and colour both on the surface of the tile and on the side of the step tread, be it a corner or rounded. This cutting-edge technology allows us to create step treads that integrate perfectly with any type of digitally printed tile. We then apply final line treatments before moving on to the firing stage in our roller kiln. Our craftsman approach and manual packaging allow us to work on all kinds of sizes, guaranteeing a high quality result.

Labo-Cer is always at the service of the ceramic industry, but now with an even broader offer. The new plant in Castellarano is testimony to our constant commitment to innovation.